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Nude Photos Olla Ramlan (Foto Bugil Olla Ramlan)

Febiolla Ramlan better known
as Olla Ramlan is bloody actress
Dayak. Women born in
Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980
it started a career in
entertainment after entry as a finalist in the selection arena
Mode Cover Girl 1997. Is his
brother, Lolitha Ramlan who
secretly submitting on behalf
of Olla. In the event, which also
followed Shanty, Olla managed to become champion Favorites. The ads then starred. In fact,
thanks to one of the ads, she
was popular with the often
called 'Morning Donna'. The
sixth child of 11 brothers mate
Mohammad Ramlan and Pissa this Assarah acting career
started in the soap opera
SHAKILA. When his career began to
climb, with a brave sister of
Cynthia Ramlan proposal is
accepted lover, Alex Tian. Yet
when it is 23 years old Olla.
Alex is a man of Dutch origin bloody Spain and China that
became the model that was
delivered Eyes video clip Titi
DJ. They married on May 17,
2003. Olla name was drowned in the
entertainment world after he
got married and concentration
take care of her son, Sean
Michael Alexander. Five years of vacuum, Olla back
to the glass screen. He starred
in the film WOMEN. Patron who
later starred in is LOVE
BEAUTIFUL. After returning to the world of
entertainment, household Olla
began to crack rumored since
early October 2010. Olla bustle
in the entertainment world
was rumored to be one cause of household problems with
Alex Tian. Name Pasha, Purple
vocalist, one had associated
with the separation Olla and
her husband. Before the news circulated
more widely, Olla Ramlan
husband was sent a press
release to several media in
Indonesia, stating that their
marriage has ended since he dropped the divorce on July 7,
2010. Divorces in front of several
witnesses was also validated
both in front of a notary on
July 16, 2010. Although already an official
statement from the husband
Olla, but the problem is still not
finished, linked by the
inauguration of his second
marriage in the Netherlands. To take care of the recognition
of marriage is also famous
lawyer Juan Felix Tampubolon
appointed Olla.

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